4 Common Issues That Require Commercial Refrigeration Repair In Upland CA

Your refrigeration system plays a key role in keeping your business going. It impacts your productivity levels, ensures product safety and affects your energy bills. That’s why ensuring it’s always working at optimum levels is important. This requires preventive maintenance as well as immediate intervention in case of problems. Here are common issues that our commercial refrigeration repair in Upland CA service can help you with.

Temperature problems

The key thing that your appliance should do is to keep things cold. Hence, if the temperature is set to cold but it’s not keeping things cool, it shows that there is a problem. The thermostat might have issues. Or it could be a faulty compressor or a dirty fan. Our walk-in cooler repair contractor can help diagnose and fix the problem.

Odd sounds

If you hear unfamiliar sounds, it’s a sign that something is not working properly. It could be that the compressor has a problem, a faulty fan, or any other part has an issue. When you call us at Danco company, we’ll arrive on time because we know how important it is to fix the issue urgently to prevent product loss.

Ice accumulation

When ice builds up on evaporator coils, it will negatively impact the cooling system. This results in inefficiency in your system. This requires that you address the root cause of the issue. Hence, if you notice frost on your machine, give us a call.

Preventive maintenance

To minimize the chances of things going wrong, you can schedule regular maintenance with us. This will help us catch issues before they blow up. We’ll evaluate and maintain your systems, including providing ice machine repair services.

We understand that when issues arise, they can make it difficult for you to run your business. Consequently, this could lead to you shutting down temporarily. Our experts are ready to provide you with any services that you need.

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