Common Issues That May Necessitate Urgent Commercial Refrigeration Repair In Upland CA

Commercial refrigerators play a significant role in businesses such as restaurants and other entities that rely on such appliances to keep their products cold. Enterprises invest heavily in acquiring quality refrigeration equipment and work closely with reputable technicians for installation and regular servicing. However, these appliances are prone to malfunctions that may impair productivity in any workplace that depends on them. The discussion below outlines the top issues that signal the need for urgent commercial refrigeration repair in Upland CA.

Power Issues

It is prudent to seek the help of experienced technicians when your commercial refrigeration equipment fails to power up. However, it may help if you check to confirm the machine is plugged into the power source and switched on before calling us for repair services. Any delay in restoring the appliances, especially in restaurants and other critical outlets that rely on refrigerators, may lead to huge losses. We assess the entire unit and power supply for comprehensive restaurant freezer repair to identify any issues preventing it from functioning correctly.


A compressor is an integral unit in every refrigerator, as it is the heart of the cooling mechanism. Some manufacturers outline in the user manual on how often you need to clean and service compressors for optimum functioning of the cooling unit. Dirt, grime, and grease may build up over time on this crucial component, compromising its functionality. Our team inspects the entire refrigerator for any issues affecting the compressor and rectifies them before they worsen or call for fridge replacement.

Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan may have issues when ice collects throughout the unit and the fridge freezes up. You may turn off the unit to allow the ice that may have collected on the evaporator to melt off. We always emphasize keeping the evaporator coil clean, and the cleaning tips in the user manual can help you deal with basic ice removal. However, it is essential to contact us for a detailed inspection to identify other complex issues that require the input of an experienced commercial refrigeration contractor.

Temperature Issues

The integrity of every component in a refrigerator plays a crucial role in ensuring proper cooling and maintaining the right temperature for everything you store. Commercial refrigerators can withstand limitless opening and closing, but the door gaskets can wear and tear over time. These damages prevent the door from sealing, which impairs the cooling process. The temperature gauge may give you inaccurate readings when broken and faulty. It is thus essential to reach out to our technicians for timely inspection, diagnosis and repair your fridge before the problem worsens

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