Top Five Signs That You Need An Emergency Restaurant Ice Machine Repair

There is a lot of joy that comes with having functional appliances at home or in your business. Unfortunately, most kitchen appliances require regular maintenance service since they are prone to occasional wear and tear. The availability of ice machines helps in various ways, but all this is possible when the devices are functional. Therefore, it is imperative to note some of the little-known indicators of a faulty machine to keep your business running. The rest of this article highlights the key aspects that depict the need for a professional restaurant ice machine repair.


The leaking of ice machines remains a clear indication that they need urgent professional maintenance services. Water collects at the base of the device when leaks form the exterior parts. Our experts inspect the appliances and repair the leaking parts before water damages the baseboard. We categorize internal leaks as the formation of more than average ice cubes. Our team will also correct these leakages to prevent the internal wear and tear of your ice-making appliance.

Partially Frozen Ice Cubes

We recommend that you outsource expert repair services for your machines once you realize the presence of ice cubes that are not freezing completely. The device could have a problem with the compressor that partially controls the internal temperatures. Our experts will work on the faulty compressor and restore it for effective temperature regulation. The heat in the machine may increase uncontrollably when the compressor fails, leading to slush formation with little or no ice cubes.

Abnormal Noises

Your workers at the restaurant know the ordinary noise that the machine produces when operating. Water makes a sound as it flows down the freezing compartment and a unique click when the freezing starts. Any change in the quality of these sounds may signal the possibility of an existing problem. Our technicians are familiar with the standard and different sounds that a machine may produce during a specific fault. We also offer expert commercial fryer repair in case you face similar problems with the deep fryers. With this experience, we bring your machines back to work at the earliest possible chance.

Decreasing Output

Any compromise in the quality or quantity of production depicts an underlying problem with the machines. We send our team to your restaurant to diagnose the problem and rectify it before the device fails. Reach to us for all restaurant equipment repair in Upland CA, or any time you notice you are running out of cubes quite frequently.

Unpleasant Taste

There is nothing as bad as foul-tasting ice. It is thus crucial to ensure your machines make clean ice that pleases your customers. At Danco Companies, we assure you will not encounter customer complaints due to bad-tasting ice or drinks once we handle your machines. We offer scheduled maintenance to identify such problems and rectify them before they worsen.

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