Most Common Issues For Commercial Refrigeration Repair In Upland CA

When you regularly rely on your fridge, it can be a great loss when it breaks down. In such cases, it would be expedient to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here are the most common issues, which our commercial refrigeration repair in Upland CA professionals can assist you with.

Irregular sounds

If your appliance is emitting irregular noises, it’s a sign that all’s not well. It could be issues to do with the motor, fan or other parts. For proper diagnosis and fixing, get in touch with our commercial refrigeration contractor.

Power problems

If your appliance doesn’t go on when it has been plugged in, this is a red flag. Check to ensure that the socket is on and the plug has been properly pushed all the way in. If you still can’t detect what the problem is, you better call a restaurant refrigeration repair service provider.

Temperature issues

Once you set the temperature but the appliance can’t keep the food cold, have it checked out. This could be as a result of a faulty thermostat, compressor, refrigerant leaks among other issues.

Frost build up

Ice build up can be caused by many factors. There might be poor ventilation, leaving the fridge door open for too long or faulty door gaskets.This causes the temperature to rise in the fridge. The resulting condensation turns to frost.

Lighting problems

The lights may fail to work. This is indicative of a light bulb or electrical issue. If you change the bulb and the lighting still won’t go on, then it could be a deeper problem. You’ll need the help of a professional to diagnose and sort out the issue.

Contact us for any fridge issues

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