Signs You Need To Hire Upland CA Commercial Refrigeration Contractors

Keeping your products frozen is an essential part of any food business. Unfortunately, appliances can malfunction at any time. This could be due to poor maintenance, power surges, overuse, etc. Upland CA commercial refrigeration contractors can help you with such issues. Read on to learn how to spot signs that your equipment has malfunctioned.

Food spoilage

If you observe that your food is getting constantly spoiled, try adjusting the settings of the machine. But if the spoilage continues, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Loud sounds

It is a red flag if you start hearing loud, strange sounds that are different from the noises made during normal usage. Usually, the odd sounds could be rattling, clanking or grinding sounds.

Your power bill spikes

If you start getting bills that are higher than normal, one of the suspects could be your fridge. You could require commercial refrigeration repair service. This will help you solve the issue fast and cut down on power costs.


If you notice water puddles inside or under your machine, then all is not well. This can be a result of a damaged or misaligned drain pan, other causes could be a blocked drain hose. Leakage can also be witnessed in parts of the fridge that are corroded, such as evaporator coils or condensers.

Door problems

One of the most used parts of the machine is the door. It’s constantly being opened and shut. Over time, it can lead to the door seal getting worn out. Consequently, the doors might not shut completely. The result is that warm air will get into the compartment and food spoilage will follow. To prevent this, have one of our technicians take a look at your doors and fix them.


Contact us for your heating and cooling needs as well, as we have commercial HVAC contractors. This will ensure proper heating and cooling within your establishment.

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