Top Signs That You Need A Commercial Refrigeration Contractor In Upland CA

If you run a business, a faulty fridge can result in a loss of thousands of dollars. It could also lead to health violations by compromising the safety of your food. That’s why this article will focus on discussing the signs that show you need a commercial refrigeration contractor in Upland CA.

When you need maintenance

Chances are that you don’t have the required equipment to carry out maintenance. Moreover, if your restaurant or shop is busy, you won’t have the time to work on the appliance. This means that you’re better off calling a technician to check out your fridge.

When it fails to work

When the fridge fails to work, it’s time to have a commercial refrigeration repair done by a professional. If the issue is not addressed in time, it could result in the loss of your refrigerated products. In most cases, it’s worth fixing the appliance, as it’s probably cheaper than losing your foodstuff.


As commercial HVAC contractors, we can help you if you have a leaking fridge. If the chemical refrigerant leaks, it could result in damage to the appliance. The electrical system of the fridge could get compromised. Additionally, the cooling capacity of the fridge is likely to stop functioning. It’s only trained experts like us who can deal with such issues.

Doors don’t close tightly

The door seals must be working correctly to prevent leakage of air. Therefore, keep an eye on your door seals. Make sure that they close tightly. This minimizes loss of energy, making your fridge more effective. Also, it minimizes cases of food spoilage.

Odd sounds

If odd noises suddenly come up, it’s a sign that all’s not well. A low hum is common for a fridge. However, when you start hearing buzzing, dripping, clattering and other noises, it means it’s not working as required.

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