Why Hiring The Right Commercial Refrigeration Contractor In Upland Is Important

Commercial refrigeration systems are important to foodservice operations as you will want to make sure the food and drink has been safely stored. The top commercial refrigeration contractors make sure to offer the right ingredients to preserve food and beverages at safe consumption temperatures. It is time to take a look at why hiring the commercial refrigeration contractor in Upland is so important.

You can keep the product closer to the customer. Whether it is a deli case, under-counter reach-in, or even a drop-in well, Danco Companies offers units that almost always put the produce within the customers reach. When a product has been put closer to the point of consumption, it is important that it is at ideal consumption conditions. Obviously, the temperature of the product is a big part of this.

Walk-ins are constantly being opened and closed, especially if the kitchen is busy. Unlike those reach-in units, when a walk-in unit is opened, a large amount of the conditioned air escapes straight into the kitchen facility. Walk-in units are also used to store a large number of ingredients. Therefore, it is important that the walk-in coolers and freezers are as efficient as they can be. For a foodservice operation, the alternative could be a disaster.

These innovative and wholly compliant cooling systems help create the coldest environment to properly store food. Blast chillers are important as they help safely move food from a cooked state to a cold storage state as fast as possible. By doing this, this will ensure that the food will remain out of the Danger Zone.

Keeping your food and drink products at safe temperatures can be expensive, especially if your equipment is outdated, but there is a contractor in Upland (Danco Companies) that can give you a helping hand with this. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cutting-edge storage solutions.

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