Get Your Business Back In Full Swing With Restaurant Ice Machine Repair

Although it might seem like a small thing to some, having your ice machine go down can be downright devastating. This is especially true if your restaurant runs a full bar. At Danco Company, we offer timely and efficient restaurant ice machine repair services. Read on to find out how we can help you get back in full swing and save money.

There’s no such thing as placating customers without ice. No one wants a warm drink, especially on a hot day, and none of your employees wants to spend their downtime making frequent strips to the store to haul back and heavy and fast-melting loads. Unfortunately, when you tell your customers that you don’t have ice, many will turn tail and exit immediately.

We can help you keep your customers in-house by correcting the one problem that’s causing discontent. With a functional ice machine, you can also avoid the potential health hazards that come from storing store-bought ice in non-standard places. When ice machines aren’t working, busy restaurants often house their ice in uncovered bar wells where they’re exposed to dirty hands, dripping condiments and garnish trays, and other food materials.

When you work with us, we’ll give your ice machine the needs-specific care it deserves. Moreover, we won’t quote you for major repairs that you don’t need. More often than not, these appliances are lacking proper maintenance. In other cases, they’re too close to walls or other heat-generating appliances and their undesirable locations make them overheat. Whether your problem is simple and easy to correct or more costly and complex, we’ll quote you a fair price and get the job done quickly.

Your team won’t have to work as hard, you can keep your establishment cleaner, and you can protect your profits. However, you can also maintain compliance with equipment manufacturer warranties so that you don’t lose important protections. Best of all, we additionally provide commercial fryer repair and many other types of restaurant equipment repair in Upland CA. If you have important resources go down, give us a call. We’ll show up fast and solve the problem at a reasonable price.

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