Top Four Signs That You Need Professional Ice Machine Repair Service

Ice makers are necessary amenities at homes and any business environment to provide clean ice and keep drinks cold. As such, you need to keep such appliances in the proper condition to serve you every time you need them. Like any other device, such appliances may fail when you least expect. As such, you need to be aware of some of the issues you can troubleshoot and others that need the intervention of an experienced professional to restore. The discussion below introduces you to top issues that signal the need for timely Ice machine repair service.

Defective Water Valve Inlet

The inlet valve regulates the water flowing to the refrigerator dispenser and ice maker. There is a specific pressure that the water supply must exert for the valve to function maximally. Use a multimeter to test if the power supply is effective in the inlet valve once you realize insufficient water pressure. The valve will have problems if it receives adequate power and pressure, but the machine does not fill. Contact us for timely expert attention to diagnose the refrigerator further and repair faulty parts.

Faulty Ice Maker Module

The machine also may fail to fill or release fresh products when the motor that controls ice assembling fails in your restaurants. It is, however, imperative to troubleshoot the refrigerator to rule out other failures before contacting the experts. Check the ejector blades for failure if your refrigerator has them before concluding the module failure. We shall assess the module and recommend replacement if we establish it will not work. We are always ready to offer comprehensive restaurant refrigeration repair service.

Clogged Water Filter

Clogged filters obstruct the water flow to the machines and dispensers. Clogging of water filters can cause a total failure of the freezer. The machines fail to fill as required due to low water pressure resulting from the restricted flow. The freezer may produce ices but not as expected due to the strain. Contact Danco Companies for a timely assessment of the entire freezer and replace the filters to restore the normal flow of work.

Excessively Warm Freezer

Freezers operate under specific temperature ranges to function optimally. As such, you should check the temperature setting in your machine when you realize it is not making ice or producing less than usual. If settings are okay and you establish extreme temperatures, the freezer has a big issue. It needs an experienced professional to fix the problem before it leads to the total failure of the freezer. Contact your preferred commercial refrigeration contractor in Upland CA, to assess the evaporator coils for frost accumulation.

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